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The Altitude Platform enables marketers, agencies, and brands to build, serve and measure all creative campaigns under one platform.

The Altitude Platform Journey
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The Altitude Platform is the Creative Management Platform that lets you build, serve, tag, and measure creative all in one place. 
No matter the size of your business, or the complexity of your campaign; entrust your ad creative, distribution and measurement to

The Altitude Platform
The Altitude Platform Info Sheet

Build, serve and measure creative,
all in one platform

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Self Serve Creative Building

Turn your concepts into reality by building, testing, and launching all your media ads with our self-serve ad builder. Save time and money by consolidating all your assets and production process under one flexible platform.

Ad Serving

Harness the power of our next-gen intelligent ad server for your business and let our team of expert account managers guide you through every step of your campaign lifecycle

& Insights

Get detailed reports with all your campaigns or reach out to your personal account manager for specific data requests

Work with your own team and save valuable time by taking control of the ad creation and campaign process or let other team members contribute and collaborate with your enterprise expert account manager

Dynamic Creative Optimization

Optimize the performance of your creative using Altitude platforms real-time technology that is designed to create personalized ad experiences using granular user data

Are you a fortune 500 brand? an agency?
or an individual marketer?

Altitude Platform
has a solution that fits into your digital marketing plan

& Benefits

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Designed to be a one stop solution for larger organizations that prefer to have their creative, distribution, and measurement managed for them



See the Altitude Platform in Action

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