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Create Dynamic Ads

Import your own creative ads, or build them from scratch

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Build rich media ad creative

Work with simple to use drag and drop ad creative tools or use your own code for basic static banners or more intricate designs. From inexperienced users to experienced ones, The Altitude Platform is designed to be used by anyone at any creative skill level.

Dynamic content optimization

Put your creative ads through multivariate testing and deliver the right message at the right time to the right consumer.

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Build Rich Media with Next-Gen Dynamic Optimization

The Altitude Platform ad server

Designed for marketers, brands. agencies and users of all backgrounds looking to build rich media and enhance campaigns with dynamic creative optimization

  • Faster creative builds

  • Build creative from scratch using custom code

  • Easier collaboration

  • Fast, on-the-fly ad management

  • In-depth campaign reports

Manage all your Creative Production, Campaigns, Reports and Ad serving

Join the growing list of brands and creative users that are harnessing the power of

The Altitude Platform

The powerful cloud-based tool that simplifies

creative design, scale, and performance

The Altitude Platform creative builder.png
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Advanced Creative Capabilities

The Altitude Platform ad server
  • Full team collaboration tools

  • Build unique and custom units

  • Build with custom code for intricate executions

  • Complex in-ad games

  • Pioneer first-to-market concepts​

  • Dynamic creative optimization capabilities 

  • Publish on mobile, in-app, Connected TV and in-game placements

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