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The Full Service
Ad Manager

An ad manager and full service creative platform in one

The Altitude Platform ad server

Create all ad-types in one platform

From banners ads, to expandable ad units, interstitials, video and even inter-scrollers; The Altitude Platform’s experienced team can provide the same engaging experience for the user.

A platform with full team support

Get full team support for any aspects of your advertising. From creative, design, ad serving, publishing. and reporting.

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Full Service Ad Management

The Altitude Platform ad server

Looking for a hands off approach? Let us do the heavy-lifting. Get a full team of support for those more unique and custom ad-units that require custom code and a little heavy lifting

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Managed Ad Serving Like No Other

• Trust your campaigns to a full team support system

• Let The Altitude team  build unique and custom units

• Custom code for intricate executions

• Complex In-ad games

• Benefit from first-to-market concepts

• Complete setup and creation of standard & custom units

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