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The Platform

The Altitude Platform is creative design, scale, and performance;
simplified so you can do more

The all in one, cloud based
Creative Management Platform


Create engaging and interactive campaigns in minutes using our templates, with no coding needed.

Select a template, drag and drop a logo or asset and the building is done.


You're almost ready to serve your ad


Generate tracking tags to monitor campaign performance including impressions, clicks, events or even custom events. These trackers are completely platform agnostic, meaning that your campaign can run within all major DSPs, SSPs, and across all exchanges.

Time to publish


Monitor your campaign's performance with fully transparent data whenever it is needed, including full control of which data you want to see.

Tracking is quick and easy, allowing you to see how each campaign is performing down to individual creatives.


Get detailed reports with all your campaigns in dashboard layout or downloadable reports at agency, campaign or creative levels. 

Export your reports into Excel spreadsheets or your very own client friendly PDF where you can customize which metrics you show and how you show them.

Schedule desired reports in the needed format for specific days or time periods

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